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Electrician Near Me, is here for you! Our team is dedicated to the highest quality of electrical services while delivering affective and affordable solutions. We are in business to create life long relationships for customers living in Manatee and Sarasota counties. We value your time by providing up front pricing and delivering the most efficient Installations. We value your home by ensuring professionalism and cleanliness from start to finish!

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Here at Electrician Near Me we are fortunate to be known as an Owner Operated Company. Owner Michael was born and raised right here in Sarasota Florida and began his electrical career straight from high school. His knowledge and experience with Florida homes is only one of the many benefits to having him in the field.


Aside from getting the job done right the first time, He has established a "white glove service” reputation. Paying special attention to little details, providing thorough Communication and not leaving a trail that he was ever on site.

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Residential Services

When it comes to home electrical systems,

we cover it all!


Residential Services provided:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging 

  • Smoke Detector Maintenance and Installs

  • Diagnostic Specialist 

  • Surge Protection

  • Panel Upgrades and Replacements

  • And Much More!

  • Lighting and Fan Installations 

  • Smart Devices 

  • Dimmers and Switches 

  • Outlets and GFI Protection 

  • Generator Transfer Panels 

  • Stand-By Generators

  • Under Cabinet Lighting 

  • Landscape and Patio Lighting

  • Dedicated Circuits

Commercial Services

We are here for your business too!

Commercial Services Provided:

  • Dedicated Circuits for Office Appliances 

  • Lighting Maintenance 

  • Exterior Building Lighting 

  • Diagnostic Specialist 

  • Surge Protection 

  • Outlet / Switch Replacements 

  • Phase Converters 

  • Panel Replacements

  • Occupancy Sensors 

  • And Much More!


Considering Having Your Panel Replaced?

Do your lights ever dim or flicker? Are your breakers warm or hot to the touch? Noticed a smell of something burning?


These are all major signs it may be time to replace or update your electrical panel. The main electrical system is the brain of your home. If your system failed, you would experience the inconvenience of being without electricity and put you and your family at risk of a home fire.  With a lifespan anywhere from 20-30 years, it is better to be proactive. There are several reasons to change your panel box, however the biggest concern is the electrical needs of homes today. With the rapid growth of technology, we have more electrical needs than in past years. Most homes today have more kitchen counter top appliances, TVs and tablets, electric cars, and other devices that require electricity. Although all these devices make our life’s much easier and convenient, your home’s electrical system might not be adequate to handle this capacity. Older Panels may become a problem because they are often outdated and obsolete. If the components of an older panel fails to prevent a fault, this could lead to major safety issues or even a house fire. Again with all of our new devices and gadgets, it can be very easy to overload an outdated electrical panel!

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Surge Protection is a MUST!

An electrical surge may seem like a small inconvenience when it leaves a clock or cable box to be reset. However, when an electrical surge causes devices such as electronics and other larger appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators to malfunction, the inconvenience and value loss increases steeply.  A whole home surge protector can do more than just protect electrical devices such as tv's, laptops, and smartphone from power surges. In fact, proper installation of primary whole home surge protection can protect your homes’ electrical outlets, plugs, switches, interior wiring, and appliances from harmful or damagingly surges. More importantly, Surge protectors can also insure that more expensive electrical appliances such as air conditioners and heaters remain unharmed during the event of a surge.

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Our knowledgeable team is here for all of your lighting needs! If you are looking for task lighting under your cabinets, security lighting around your home, a little more light for that new home office, or even patio lighting for entertaining, we got you covered! Our experienced Technicians will advise the most efficient yet most affected solutions for your needs.

Electric Vehicle Chargers.jpg


Goodbye outrages fuel prices, Hello home charging station! Let us do our part by making it more convenient to simply charge at home. Our team will preform the necessary Calculations to ensure your homes electrical system can adequately handle the charge. With our knowledge and experience, we will also advise the best location for charging outlets.



With a stand by generator you and your family can have peace of mind for the next hurricane season! A home backup generator delivers power directly to your homes electrical system with in seconds. When utility power is back on, the unit will automatically transfer power back. You and your family will be living comfortably during any power outages to come. 

So Remember, “Have No Fear, An Electrician Is Near!” 

Contact Us Today!

We look forward to working with you!

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